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9024 100st Westlock AB

Phone: 1-780-349-4933
Toll Free:1-888-515-7873

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Purely Natural Distilled Water Systems are the gold standard of bottle filling stations across Canada. Our goal is to ensure retailers looking to sell distilled water are absolutely satisfied with our product line, as well as our continued partnership. 

Compact, back room purification systems producing high quality purified water that your customers will keep coming back for more.


A Single or Double Dispensers

A RO Purification & Storage Tank

An Integrated Ozone rinser

POS Signage & Racks

Bottles, Caps & Brochures

Retailers Love it:

  • It's Profitable - 80% Gross Margin

  • Develops Repeat Business

  • Attracts New Customers

  • Saves Space and Labor

Consumer's Love it:

  • Refilling Saves them Money

  • Great Tasting Water

  • It's Fresh

  • It's the Highest Quality

  • Helps the Environment

We have a program specialized for your business!

Purely Natural is a leading manufacturer & distributer of water dispensing equipment and accessories throughout North America. Our product line includes water dispensers, water vending machines, commercial reverse osmosis units, bottle racking, water bottles, bottle sterilizers, water coolers and a complete range of accessories. Units are manufactured with Stainless Steel components to give your station a lifetime of use as well as keeping your water station easy to maintain and bacteria free. 

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A division of Precision Design & Manufacturing