Purely Natural Double Dispenser

This double dispenser system is user friendly and provides your customers with pure, distilled drinking water quickly and conveniently. Highly profitable and easy to set up and use, the Purely Natural Double Dispenser is a great choice for medium to larger sized water re-fill businesses.

Double Water Dispenser

  • 3-button operation for ease of use

  • Automatic 5 gallon fill

  • Dual ultraviolet water sterilizer with failure alarm to ensure 100% safe water

  • Carbon block post-filter for improved taste

  • Drop down bottle shelf for easy filling

  • Lockable storage in dispenser base

  • Waste water discharge system (optional)

  • Stainless steel construction lasts a lifetime

  • Easy to clean

  • Projects image of quality and purity

  • Double dispenser allows filling 2 bottles at a time

  • Reduces lineups and provides faster customer service

Double Ozone Bottle Rinse

  • No costly chemicals, no solutions to mix

  • Leaves no residual taste or odour

  • Faster and more effective than chlorine

  • Includes air dryer to extend ozonator life and reduce maintenance costs

Bottle Racking and Display

  • Two 13” bottle racks

  • Marketing Panel

  • Display header and Purely Natural Sign

  • Bottle Cap Holder

  • Cleaning and Maintenance Kit

  • TDS Water Testing Meter

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